My second “carré” scarf for Hermès women's collection : “Cosmographia Universalis”, Autumn Winter 2019, 90x90 cm, silk, available in 8 colour versions. “Cosmographia Universalis” it’s an oeuvre written by Sebastian Münster, XVI century German humanist, Hebraist, cosmographer and cartographer. I had great pleasure to study XVI century edition of this book in Cieszyn Library in Poland. The book presents comprehensive description of the world. “Cosmographia”, richly illustrated with woodcuts, shows different continents, countries, kingdoms, lands inhabited by different cultures, historical and mythical characters, real animals as well as imaginary creatures and architectural wonders. This amazing mixture of discovered and imagined world, science and legends inspired me to create a dreamed landscape with various references to woodcuts from the book. Original maquette is 90x90 cm, drawn and painted with ink and watercolours. My dog Kluska (main character of the "Animapolis" scarf) sits on the statue of the king.