workshops for students:

As a lecturer Im teaching (in English) in New Media Art Department in Polish Japanese Academy of Technology in Warsaw. I collaborate with Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Écoles de Condé in Paris,  PXL-MAD — School of Arts in Hasselt, Aalto University in Helsinki.

workshops for children:

From 2014 to 2016 I conducted and co-organised 144 art and typography workshops for around 3000 children, parents and educators. Workshop took place in many different cultural, educational institutions and culture festivals in Poland, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Russia and Macedonia. In 2016 I conducted series of workshops in Tate Modern Gallery, MACBA in Barcelona and Center of Modern Art in Warsaw. I cooperates with education foundation Kulturkind in Berlin, Festivaletteratura in Mantova, Transbook and cultural festivals in Poland. My book “Alphadoodler” is based on experiences from many workshops.

Feel free to contact me about workshops:

You can find photo from different children workshops in albums in my fanpage:

Here is my 35 min. talk from TYPO Berlin 2015 about my work and educational projects for children, parents and educators:

And here my brief talk about educational projects in ATypI 2016 conference (starts 29:00):

Interview about workshops and education by Liron Lavi Turkenich, filmed during ATypI conference in Warsaw:


workshop in Festivaletteratura in Mantova, 9.10.15

workshop in Festivaletteratura in Mantova, 9.10.15