“Animapolis” is my first Hermès “carré” (Spring/Summer 2019, 90x90 cm, silk, more than 40 colours printed in silkscreen, available in 10 colour versions). “Animapolis” is a surrealistic vision of the city overrun by nature and animals. City is inspired by architecture of Warsaw, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev and New York. I had a dream where all animals and creatures from billboards and big inflatable advertisements came alive and dominate the city. Those who know Warsaw will find details referring to this city. My dog “Kluska” is one of the characters and is appearing 18 times. Usually it takes around 2 years to make a Hermès scarf starting from sketch to final product. Original maquette is 90x90 cm, painted with gouache, watercolour and acrylic paint. “Multicolour” version of the scarf is the closest to original drawing.

Here you can read article (in Polish) about “Animapolis” Hermès scarf in vogue.pl (23.1.19).